See-LIFE 2021
See-LIFE 2021

We have an exciting new project to announce — See-LIFE 2021! This collaboration between Pro-Life Doc and Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, CO, will present a series of six brief videos released over the span of six weeks. 

This project brings to video the life within the womb so that all can SEE with their own eyes the undeniable fact that each Pre-Born baby is a new human LIFE, unrepeatable and distinct from their parents, and loved and willed by God from all eternity. 

A different video will be released every week and will feature ultrasounds, the topic of fetoscopic surgery, and experts from around the country discussing medical treatments for Pre-Born patients within the womb, culminating at the sixth week with live ultrasounds from Texas! 

These videos will present compelling evidence that each Pre-Born baby is created in the image and likeness of God from the moment of conception and deserves protection and care. 

With each week, it will become increasingly irrefutable that: If they are a patient, they are a person, and if they are a person, they need to be protected.

Join us for these beautiful and thought-provoking videos, and share them with your friends and family. We know you’ll be as excited about them as we are! Also, please don’t forget to pray for this endeavor; we hope many hearts and minds will be opened. 

Enjoy the stunning promotional video! 

Episode 1 discusses how NEW life begins at conception.

To watch Episode 1 in its entirety:

Episode 2 discusses how we eliminate fear and celebrate life and hope!

To watch Episode 2 in its entirety:

The conclusion of all the See LIFE episodes will culminate at a live event in Dallas at the American Airlines Center on August 28th. Dr. Lile will be the presenting physician and will be in charge of the live pregnancy ultrasounds. Over 5,000 are expected to attend.

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