The human body is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14) With each new discovery, its complexities seem to multiply. Despite this, everything works together perfectly and beautifully, and largely without notice, like a complex work of art or an intricate symphony. 

All these minute components come together seamlessly to produce something awe-inspiring. The humility and love of God becomes evident with each new finding as we realize that He silently waits for us to discover Him in His masterpiece.

Also beautiful and awe-inspiring is the love between a mother and her baby, which is first evidenced in the processes occurring within her pregnant body. We have known for quite some time how a mother gives to her baby. From the moment of conception, she provides a safe and nourishing environment for her tiny and vulnerable developing baby. 

All the nutrients the baby needs, the mother’s body provides: oxygen, carbohydrates as glucose, proteins as amino acids, and lipids as fatty acids. [1] The mother also eliminates waste and carbon dioxide for the baby. [2] Thus the baby grows and develops.

However, did you also know that the Pre-Born baby gives to the mother as well? Researchers have found microchimeric fetal stem cells in the mother decades after delivery. Even more astounding, these stem cells appear to migrate to areas of disease and damaged tissues within the mother. [3] 

While further research is warranted in this area, it is fascinatingly beautiful to note this mutual self-giving that occurs between mother and child; and isn’t that reciprocity of pouring out of self-love in its truest sense? These mechanisms occur without the knowledge of either mother or Pre-Born baby, but the design and Heart of God are evident even here. 

With time, the mother delivers her baby and the relationship continues. As she nurses and nourishes her baby, her baby, in turn, provides protection against future breast cancer by suckling.[4] Her heart swells as her gaze is met by a sweet and excited smile. A lifetime of mutual self-giving has begun before either was aware, and it will continue to grow and deepen — a lifetime of love.

Next time you see a pregnant woman, consider all that is occurring beneath the surface and marvel!  





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