“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail [1]

In response to one of Dr. Bill Lile’s videos establishing how Pre-Born babies are patients, persons receiving medical treatment before birth, a woman who identified herself as “Pro-choice Voice” wrote, “It doesn’t mean that the embryo doesn’t exist. It simply means that one has control over their entire body; that includes the uterus. If they wish to remove the embryo/fetus from their body, they certainly have the right to.” 

Despite ample evidence that Pre-Born babies are persons deserving medical care, her surprising response was that she knew all this but simply did not care. In this commenter’s mind, a woman’s needs, wants, desires are more important than that of her Pre-Born baby, and this was her argument for abortion. Essentially, she was arguing that a pregnant woman has more value than her baby and so killing another human is therefore justified.

Whether she knows it or not, her position proposes that not all humans are equal, but that some are more valuable than others. She was arguing from the voice of discrimination, from injustice, and she is not alone. Too often, our society joins her argument, all the while claiming justice as their cause. We have reached a new low.

To continue with Dr. Martin Luther King’s timeless words from his  Letter from Birmingham Jail, “…injustice is here.” [1]

For decades, pro-life defenders have sought to present evidence that Pre-Born babies are persons and not mere “blobs of tissue,” as opponents had argued. Truth is being revealed through science with evidence demonstrating babies’ heartbeats as early as 3 to 4 weeks post-conception [2] , DNA and fingerprints distinct from their parents, ultrasounds, fetal MRIs [3], surgeries performed on preborn babies [4] — the evidence is mounting and overwhelming! 

And yet, for some, this evidence is irrelevant. Phrases like, “My body, my choice, and my needs trump those of my baby. I have more value than my baby,” permeate the culture. The battle has shifted. We have seen this viewpoint played out in history, and as Dr. Lile points out, we are witnessing a “holocaust within the womb.” 

As the shadows appear to lengthen, do we surrender the battle? We do not, “for the battle is the Lord’s…” (1 Samuel 17:47) For many, the truth is enough, and hearts have changed. For those for whom truth is not enough, we pray and continue to work. He will take care of the rest. He asks us to imitate Him in faithfulness, but success is His. 

We thank God ahead of time, knowing that He brings about the end of injustice. Evil and injustice have their moment, but they cannot last. We are called to work towards an end to this grave injustice, this assault on both Pre-Born babies and their mothers, moment by moment, day by day, one person at a time, but never in despair — we know Who has the final victory.

“Neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.” (1 Corinthians 3:7)

[1] https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/coretexts/_files/resources/texts/1963_MLK_Letter_Abridged.pdf


[3] https://www.chop.edu/treatments/ultrafast-fetal-magnetic-resonance-imaging-mri
[4] https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/fetal-surgery/about/pac-20384571

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