Racism In the Womb
Racism In the Womb

Racism has no place in society.  And it definitely has no place in healthcare.  However, there is one field of medicine in which racism has reared its ugly head – the abortion industry.

As a licensed obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Lile has made hundreds of incisions in women’s abdomens over 25 years to deliver babies via cesarean section. Whether they were black, white, Hispanic, or Asian – after those first few millimeters of different colored skin, the anatomy beneath is all the same! Good doctors (good people) don’t see color.  They see a patient with a right to receive care.

Unfortunately, the most helpless patient of all is often robbed of that same right.  The preborn babies who become victims of abortion are often victims of racism, too.

Just this month, California’s Department of Public Health paid to have – what are misleading at best – billboard ads placed across San Diego.  One of these taxpayer-funded billboards said, “Our black babies are nearly 60% more likely to be premature due to discrimination.” 

Risk factors do affect pregnancies.  Babies are born prematurely. However, there is no evidence proving that a racial or socio-economic factor is to blame.  In fact, the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology performed a study on African American and white women from the same socioeconomic status, and they both had similar outcomes.  No imbalance with regards to ethnicity could be substantiated. [1]

Another billboard, pictured below, read, “Racism hurts your baby long before they’re born.” 

Racism In the Womb Billboard

This is an idea with more truth to it than the state of California even knows!  The New York City Department of Public Health released a report stating that from 2012-2016 black mothers aborted 136,426 black babies.  During that same time period, and in the same area of NY, black mothers delivered only 118,127 black babies. [2]

That means more African American babies were aborted than were born during that 5 year period in New York City’s minority areas!

Africa American babies are definitely targeted. When examining the birth patterns of whites, Asians, and Hispanics – each of those groups had more babies born than aborted.  That’s a disparaging statistic.

In 2014, 36% of all abortions were performed on black women, even though they only make up 13% of the female population in the United States! [3]

Also, 79% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical facilities are within walking distance of a minority community. [4]

Is racism killing babies? It sure is! Just not in the same way California’s Department of Public Health understands.  If people would only take the time to learn about the history and mission of Planned Parenthood, which was initiated by devout racist, Margaret Sanger, it would become clear. The abortion industry targets African American women and babies.

Sadly, there is racism in the healthcare industry, but not in those who are trying to provide true healthcare. This racism exists and thrives in the Abortion industry. However, abortion is not healthcare. 

Racism is present in Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, but it shouldn’t be.  Make a change today.  Speak the truth. The preborn babies are patients, too, and they deserve actual healthcare!  After all, a patient is a person no matter how small!

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[2] https://www.wsj.com/articles/lets-talk-about-the-black-abortion-rate-1531263697

[3] https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/66/ss/ss6624a1.htm

[4] https://www.protectingblacklife.org/pp_targets/index.html

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