FAQ's & Answers


Dr. Lile's mission is to use the visual technology of modern obstetrics to reveal the personhood of unborn babies threatened by abortion. A baby has the same value whether within the womb or outside the womb. For example, Delayed Interval Delivery. In a typical case, a mother, pregnant with twins presents to the hospital in active, pre-term labor in the second trimester. Before the labor can be stopped, she delivers the first twin. That twin is immediately taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery (NICU) and is supported by the most modern medical technology. The baby has all of the rights and protections that any one of us would have if we were admitted to an Intensive Care Unit. If the labor can be stopped, and the bag of water around the second twin remains intact, the mother is counseled. As long as the mother and second twin are both doing well, we can allow the second twin to remain in the better NICU, her womb, for days or even weeks. One identical twin can be born in June, and the second twin born in August. However, if the mother were to 'Choose', many States would allow the mother to terminate the remaining twin. How can identical twins, conceived from one egg and one sperm, which then divides before day 13 have different rights and protections? Our geographic location does not grant us, nor deny us our rights. Is it logical that a twin in the NICU is protected, yet the identical twin still in the womb is vulnerable to abortion? Of course it is not logical. It is wrong and we must continue to fight for all life, both inside and outside the womb.