God's Miracle of Life
By The Prolifedoc

"Dr. Bill Lile is the best friend that the unborn could ever have." Dr. James Dobson 4/22/15
Dr. Lile working with Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family. 5-6-15

Samuel Armas, a person. Both inside the womb and outside the womb.
21 week fetal surgery on Samuel Armas (permission by Michael Clancy)
Dr. Lile with Samuel Armas
Below is a Bloodless Demonstration by The Prolifedoc, of a Partial-Birth Abortion.

In contrast, watch a life-saving surgery in the womb. Should saving the life of the unborn or taking the life of the unborn be a CHOICE?

In 1973 we legally protected unborn sea turtles, yet removed protection of unborn babies.

Dr. Lile, the Prolifedoc, has produced a live, multi-media portrayal of the miracle of life from conception to birth. Ultrasound images and video of fetal surgery are used to show, with never before seen clarity, these amazing lives within the womb. The instruments of abortion are then used to demonstrate how an abortion is performed in all three trimesters. Dr. Lile is a frequent guest of both television and syndicated radio shows. He is available for seminars to churches, schools, civic organizations, and legislative groups.

Dr. Lile Speaking to a High School Assembly


"I have seen Dr. William Lile's presentation and recommend it to pro-life groups everywhere!"    Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life.

"Dr. Lile's presentation "God's Miracle of Life" is a gripping, conversationally appealing expose of the scientific, legal, scriptural and moral aspects of the abortion culture in the United States. I have been to and given hundreds of pro-life presentations...this has to rank among the very best ever seen - if not the best - from a comprehensive and appealing measure." Rev. Denis G. Wilde OSA, PhD Priests for Life, Philadelphia.

"I have had the privilege to attend Dr. Lile's seminar presentation on the sanctity of life. He presents the truth in a scholarly and non-condemning fashion. He does one of the best presentations I have seen. When he is done you have the marvelous truths of life and there is only one real conclusion...choose life." Pastor Harry Thomas, Co-founder Creation Festivals and Concerts East & West

"Dr. Lile's energy and enthusiasm to educate and motivate the value of each individual life is second to none. His presentation is inspiring and heart-changing. His ability to share personal experience accompanied with breathtaking imagery captivates his audience and definitely won many hearts for life! I would highly recommend Dr. Lile for any venue; you will be blessed!"
Dr. Joel Moulder: Tippecanoe County Right to Life
"He had everyone eating out of his hand...What a message!"
Father Dan Gartland: Board Chairman, Tippecanoe County Right to Life

Dr. Lile's Articles:

"Would Jesus Compromise on the issue of abortion?"

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"Surgical Advances for the Unborn Patient"
by William Lile, D.O., FACOG